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Jun 13, 2023
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Jumeirah Park is a vibrant residential community situated in the heart of Dubai. Away from the hustle and bustle, it is characterised by its lush green spaces, picturesque landscapes and family friendly environment. It is the ideal residential community in Dubai for families who are looking for a tranquil area where their children can play, make friends and let their creativity roam freely. 

One thing that our clients keep in mind when selecting a property is what the neighbourhood has to offer. Some consider leisure, others shopping and dining, but most take education and health into account. Jumeirah Park is a popular residential community for families, where you’ll find various early education centres where kids can attend. Here are some of the best nurseries in Jumeirah Park. 

Redwood Nursery in Jumeirah Park

Redwood Nursery is located in the East Pavilion within the community, this nursery in Jumeirah Park offers a brand new educational approach. The Montessori institute takes into account the rapidly changing world we’re headed into. The nursery in Jumeirah Park stimulates the child’s creativity and problem solving abilities at an early age. The nursery nurtures rapid growth and development. Every aspect of their facilities is focused on providing the child with a learning opportunity. 

The nursery in Jumeirah Park encourages kids to awaken their curiosity and explore their interests by offering various extracurricular activities. These include dance, music, theatre, sports, language, and other options. 

The Montessori method cultivates a love for learning and a thirst for an unquenchable curiosity.

Blossom Nursery

This Nursery is located near Jumeirah Park. Situated within Damac Hills, the nursery near Jumeirah Park offers solutions for parents who engage in different kinds of lifestyles. Working in Dubai entails busy schedules. A nursery in Dubai that is committed to help you make your life easier and help with your child’s learning and development is Blossom Nursery. They offer solutions such as meal plans and flexible schedules to help busy parents with their children. 

Their learning curriculum is based on the latest neuroscience studies, inspired by philosophy and the Montessori method. Blossom Nursery creates opportunities for play, learning and growth to help kids reach an early understanding of their interests and discover their talents. 

The nursery near Jumeirah Park has also worked out partnerships to offer extracurricular activities. These involve, but are not limited to: 

  • Soccer 
  • Gymnastics 
  • Dance
  • Languages 
  • Ballet
  • Yoga

And many more. You can learn more about Blossom Nursery here.

Baby Home Nursery

This nursery near Jumeirah Park is located in JLT. It provides a fun and nurturing environment where kids can fully embrace their learning process. They follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. By planning meaningful daily activities and useful routines, they encourage and develop problem solving skills at an early age in a safe environment.  The aim of this academic approach is to ease children into adapting to the classroom setting and prepare them for formal learning at later stages in life. 

The nursery in Dubai utilises seven core areas for learning and development.

  • Communication and language 
  • Personal, social and emotional development 
  • Literacy 
  • Mathematics
  • Physical 
  • Expressive arts and design
  • Understanding the world 

In addition to classroom activities, they also host events and excursions to provide the kids with a holistic learning experience, catering to the need of toddlers from 3 months old to 4 years of age. Click here to learn more about Baby Home Nursery


Jumeirah Park stands out as a family friendly community. You will find schools, nurseries and other amenities that will nurture your child’s curiosity in a safe environment. Finding the right nursery for your little one to begin their self development journey is a crucial decision. Choosing one that encourages independence, creativity and awakens curiosity, will be a determining factor in the development of their interests and discovery for their own talents.

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